• Read the Bible in a Year: Follow the monthly Bible reading schedule to read the entire Bible this year.  Click here for the July schedule.

Monthly Chapter-A-Day: In addition to the monthly Bible reading schedule, we are reading an additional a day during the year.  The July schedule is Isaiah 63 through Jeremiah 27.

Reach the Unreached: Click for savings on your next hotel stay and 5% of your hotel stay goes to help reach THE UNREACHED.

Teachers Needed: If you are interested in ministering to children, please contact Mark Phillips.

What are you called to do?: The pastor would like to know where God wants to use you.   Please contact him or Mark.   Remember everybody needs to be doing something; anybody can and should; somebody is thought to be doing it; usually nobody is.

Thought: "The BEST is yet to come!"

Bro. Shaktaman's Education: Bro. Shakata Man is currently enrolled in on-line classes to obtain his DBA.  This degree will allow him to better assist the people in the mountain regions of Nepal.  If you are interested in helping to support this endeavor, please contact pastor.  Note: As mentioned above, he is taking a 60 day leave in order to reach the mountains and then will be continuing his education.

Pennies for the Unreached:
The 2 yr. old through 5th grade classes are collecting pennies, etc. during their Wednesday night classes to raise money to send a Nepali mountain leader/pastor to Bible College in Kathmandu for 3 months for $300.00.  Thanks to God's grace, their work and your generosity, we've collected enough money to send 3 leader/pastors to school.  Praise be to God for His Wonderful Blessings!!!  Please help them as they continue in this project.

Greeters Wanted: If you are interested in serving as a greeter, please contact Mark Phillips.

Family Information: Please help us to keep our information current.   In the foyer are family information cards printed on blue paper.   Please complete one and either put in the offering basket or turn in to the church office.   Current information helps us to serve you better.

Men's Prayer Meeting: The men are gathering for a time of prayer each Thursday at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary.   Please come pray.

Youth Bible Reading: We are encouraging the youth to read the New Testament this year by reading 5 chapters each week.
REO EDUCATION CENTER: Clip box tops and earn cash for Reo Education Center.  You can help earn cash for our school by clipping box tops from your favorite products. Each box top we receive is worth 10 cents.  Christian education is very important and we would like to thank you in advance for your participation in helping our school.

We would like to invite you to attend our Tuesday morning Bible study at 10:00 am at "My Neighbor's Place".